About Me

Jennifer Huang was born in Canada and has lived extensively in Asia. She is familiar in both Asian and Western culture, including speaking fluently in English and Mandarin with a working knowledge in Taiwanese and Cantonese. She has lived in the beautiful Niagara region for the past 18 years. Jennifer has educational background in business management at University of Toronto, visual arts at Brock University and graphic design at Niagara College. With her educational background and video producing background, she is well educated in utilizing her strength to promote in her clients’ best interest. Jennifer is a dynamic person who has experiences in working with both local and international clients, as well as customers in sales and marketing. Jennifer was also an interpreter in the real estate industry, assisting in the purchasing process for her friends and family before she even became a realtor. Jennifer has also worked for her family member for several years who is a top producer and has been involved in real estate for over 45 years. She listens closely to her clients and works dedicatedly to meet their needs and exceed expectations. Jennifer is enthusiastic and confident in achieving outstanding client service.

Jennifer Huang

黃郁捷,出生於加拿大並在亞洲長久居住。她熟悉亞洲與西方的文化,講一口流利的英語和普通話,並可用台灣話和廣東話溝通。在過去的18年她一直住在美麗的尼亞加拉地區。Jennifer 擁有在多倫多大學企業管理、布魯克大學視覺藝術和尼亞加拉學院平面設計的教育背景。她利用她的教育背景和視頻製作背景的實力來推動對客戶的最佳利益。Jennifer 是一個活躍的人並擁有與本地及國際客戶的工作經驗,以及銷售和服務的經驗。Jennifer 成為房地產經紀前,在房地產業擔任翻譯的工作,協助她的朋友和家人投資置產。Jennifer 的家庭成員是位跨足房地產界超過45年的頂級銷售,Jennifer 也曾為他工作數年。她仔細聆聽客戶的需求並對工作的奉獻超出預期。Jennifer 的信心與熱誠服務遠達到超乎客戶所期待。

Languages: Cantonese / Cantonais, Mandarin, English / Anglais, Taiwanese / Taïwanais